Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hairfall & Bald Patches

 Is you little one losing hair and started getting bald spots. Here's why and the cure for this situation. 
  • It is normal for little ones to shed hair when they are 2-4 months old as they tend to lie down in the same position. Once they start toddling they will learn to change positions while sleeping and this hair problem will not occur.
  • Using a pillow stuffed with mustard seeds can help since it minimizes constant pressure from one position. 
  • Putting your little one on tummy for a few minutes will make her learn to move her head in all directions and she will move in her sleep. This way she will not lose hair and get bald patches. This method is absolutely safe when the baby’s stomach is not full. The baby must be under observation.
  • This condition is normal unless you observe any redness in the scalp or flaking (cradle cap), in that case it is best to consult a doctor
  •  Home remedies such as virgin coconut oil, Aloevera can help.
  •  Often situations like this occur as a result of cradle cap which happens to 80 to 85% of newborns. If the scalp is flaky, a lot of hair will come out with the skin and this will get over by 7 months. After that new hair will grow.


  1. Bald spots can result from harsh chemicals, hair styling methods, allergic reactions, hair color, relaxers, medications, stress or health and diet conditions. Often hair follicles go dormant to try to recover from the damage. In the below article there are few methods for the treatment of bald spots.
    In the article it is explained properly how it occurs and their cure. You should stress free to reduce and cure from this problem.




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