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Pros & Cons of Cloth & Disposable Diapers


So, you’re getting ready for your little bubz and one of the definite decisions you will have to make before his arrival is whether you are going to use cloth diapers or disposables.
All most all of us have thought of this issue at some point, whether it’s with our firstborn our with our later kids.
We’ve made a list of Pros & Cons of Cloth & Disposable Diapers just to make it a bit more easier for you to decide!
I remember shopping for Junior’s arrival (such sweet times!! One of the first things I knew I was going to do was cloth diapers. I’ve been in cloth diapers and the fact that it’s natural and skin friendly was a plus factor for me. So we got 24 lovely cloth diapers and gave them to my mum. Our theme for Junior was “A Star is Born” and my mum spent many a nights toggling her work to stitch stars on those 24 diapers. Two weeks into cloth diapers, I had shifted to disposables – 8 years later, still hear her complaints! :p
Our list of Pros & Cons of Cloth & Disposable Diapers aims to give you a rough idea on how practical and good each of these diapers are so that you can choose for yourself which would be best suited for you.
You’ll have lots of people giving you their opinion, nevertheless, stick to what you feel comfortable with and don’t worry, you can change if you feel like you need to after bubz is born.
So here goes! Pros & Cons of Cloth & Disposable Diapers!
Cloth diapers have pretty much evolved from the time it was used on our generation! You now have the traditional terry cloth napkins, prefolded napkins, contour diapers and fitted diapers! (In case you know of more, please do comment below!)
So let’s start with a quick glance at the diapers.
The traditional cloth diapers are the rectangular terry cloth that need folding to be used. Prefolded napkins, much like the traditional cloth diapers need folding but has a thick, padded center section. Contour diapers are shaped like an hourglass and usually require fastening though new ones do come with snaps or velcro.  Fitted diapers are shaped like contour and have elastic around the legs and waist, and fasten with built-in snaps or velcro.
  • Economical -  This is by far the obvious, they will cost far less than the disposables that you will need to keep buy. The cloth ones that you are buy are for you to keep using wash after wash. And let’s not forget, if you plan on having a number 2 at some point, they can be used again!
  • Natural – cotton being natural is very safe on kids and the cloth is breathable meaning its easy on your baby’s skin.
  • You’ll never run out – since hygiene is of uttermost importance when it comes to newborns and toddlers, you are most likely to do you baby’s laundry on time (yes laundry.. sigh!). Provided that you are able to get them dried on time, you will never run out of them :)
  • Potty training is much more easy. Little ones feel less comfortable and undeniably feel the wetness and ‘messiness’ and most often it’s easier to potty train cloth diapered babies.
  • It’s not that convenient – they have to laundered, ironed and folded. Quite a process especially during the first few weeks when baby is around. It is also advised to by a special detergent which is hypoallergenic and gentle enough for your newborn.
  • Messy – once again it’s a bit of a process. You need such accessories as change mats or cot sheets, to make sure that you don’t get mattresses and such wet and leaks can also mean baby’s clothes need to be changed as well. You can use plastic outter pants to help prevent leaks but such leaks are inevitable.
  • Don’t forget, the nappies have to be washed, this means you have to dispose the poop too before you can wash them thoroughly.
  • Need to be secured – as such you need safety pins.
  • Not suitable for travel – and it’s my personal opinion that it’s best not to use cloth diapers during the night to ensure a good night’s sleep for you and your little one.
So there’s quite a lot of disposable brands that available in Sri Lanka, local and international brands.
Here are PROs and CONs of the disposable diapers:
  • Very convenient – From grabbing on from the packet to putting it on. There’s no parallel process either – of washing, drying, laundering and folding.
  • Easy to travel – disposables are an easier choice when travelling.
  • Less leakages – so much less messier and likelihood of leakages are comparatively much less.
  • Helpful for long night rest – The baby is more comfortable and dry which means the baby is disturbed less.
  • Nappy Rash – though some people may claim that there is a tendency for babies who are on disposable diapers, this is not necessarily true. Using disposable diapers that are of quality and have breathable material helps as does giving your baby some ‘diaper-free’ time. Using a cream such as Sudocream as a barrier can also help prevent and treat nappy rashes.
  • Harder to potty train – since babies and toddlers are comfortable and dry in their disposable diapers which are super absorbent there might be a tendency of difficulty in potty training disposable diapered babies.
  • More expensive – disposable are definitely the more expensive choice.
So there you have it, Pros & Cons of Cloth & Disposable Diaper!


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